Happy World Doula Week! The purpose of World Doula Week is to help empower doulas to improve the health of women and their families during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. For this year’s World Doula Week, I will tell you a little bit about my life and career as a birth doula in Utah.

My Doula Bag

Davis County Doula shows off her doula bag

My doula bag contains mostly things for me during births such as food, toiletries, kneeling pad, etc. The tools in my bag that are available for my clients are: my notebook to take notes of my clients’ births to be able to provide them with a birth timeline at their postpartum visit, TENS unit, rebozo, essential oils, massage oil, heat pack (of course it’s a cow), honey sticks (both honey and raspberry flavors), dum dum suckers for a energy boost plus to help stimulate an acupressure point to speed up labor, Sea Bands, LED lights, my handheld fan for the laboring woman when she gets hot, pads and mesh panties for if my clients’ waters release at home, tennis balls for massing, handheld massagers, and my crochet breast to demonstrate proper breastfeeding techniques.

My most used tools are: my voice,

Although I have many tools at my disposal, I use these ones the most. My training, knowledge, and experience has helped me figure out how to help laboring women and their partners during pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum. Most partners want to help, but they just don’t know what to do. One of my favorite things is guiding women’s partners in helping the laboring woman.

My Favorite Quote

“There’s a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful. It’s that women are strong.” –Laura Stavoe Harm

Women are so strong! I see this every time I help a laboring woman. Most don’t even realize their strength until they give birth. The moment that my clients realize their strength is one of my favorite moments of birth. One of my goals as a doula is to help women see their strength.

Davis County Doula Selfie

Centerville doula having her morning cup of coffee before a birth

This mug is very true for me. I don’t function well without coffee. This is one essential for me at births, especially the LONG ones. I’m great at fetching your partner coffee too! #DavisCountyDoulas #DoulaDreamTeam

Where I Work

I work wherever my clients take me, whether it’s their home, birth centers, or hospitals. I serve all along the Wasatch Front from Logan through Draper, Utah.

Client Testimonial

“My experience with Karina Robinson was amazing! She was attentive, listened and heard what I wanted. She provided information based on my wants, needs, fears, etc. Anything she felt would be helpful in me getting my desired birth experience. In labor Karina was there for me 100%, she tracked our progress and made notes throughout the entire process of how things were going. She stayed by my side the entire time and tried counter pressure and different things to help me cope with the pain, she spent about 10 hours doing counter pressure on my hips because it was the most effective in helping me cope. I couldn’t believe she just kept going! Prior to labor and since delivery Karina has kept in constant contact with me to make sure me & baby are doing well and don’t need anything. I know that if we did need something she would be right there for us! I would recommend Karina to anyone looking for a Doula.”
~Tera W.

What I Love Most About My Doula Career

Park City birth doula providing comfort measures to pregnant woman in labor
Photo by: Maternal Focus

I love getting to know such wonderful couples and helping to create a peaceful birthing experience with them that they can cherish forever. I think it’s funny when dads say that they don’t want to do such and such, but once it came down to it they surprise us and actually do it and think it’s amazing! I love showing couples how amazing their birth experience can be. I also love seeing the bond between partners and how much stronger that bond becomes through childbirth.


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