When it comes to giving birth, things never go exactly according to plan. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have an idea of how you want your experience to be and your top priorities for your experience (other than the given healthy mom and baby).

Fill out our interactive birth plan to record all of your birthing wishes; then share them with your doctor, midwife, birth partner, doula, and anyone else involved in your big moment. Even if you can’t control the details, it’s important to know what you want. Just remember, when it comes to giving birth, flexibility should be at the top of every birthing person’s list.

Please fill in only the fields that apply to you. A printable birth plan will be emailed to you.

Please be sure to edit your birth preferences down to ONE page as some nurses have a terrible joke that “longer than one page = cesarean”.

Vaginal Birth Plan

Gentle Cesarean Birth Plan

It is always recommended to make a cesarean birth plan as one in three women has a cesarean. Even if you are not able to have a vaginal birth, or choose not to have one, you will still want your wishes honored. This is a day that you will never forget. This is THIS baby’s only birth.