About Your Doula

Karina Robinson

Salt Lake birth doula and HypnoDoula serving Cache County, Weber County, Davis County, Salt Lake County, Park City, and Tooele

Utah Doula Association’s Doula of Distinction for 2017
Certified Advanced Doula, CAD(MCU)
Certified HypnoDoula, CHD
The Bradley Method Instructor®, AAHCC
Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, PES
Certified Bengkung Belly Binding Practitioner
Moxibustion Practitioner

Specialties: Low-risk, VBAC, High-risk, diabetes during pregnancy (Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes)

Newborn baby boy of Utah doula at hospital. Natural delivery
My first delivery: unmedicated vaginal birth using The Bradley Method® (Birth Story)

My journey to become a birth doula started before I became pregnant with my first baby. I knew that I wanted to have an un-medicated birth, and having Type 1 Diabetes would make it harder to achieve. During my research I realized that many women don’t know their options during childbirth and many don’t even realize they HAVE options. After having my eyes opened into this magical world of birth I could not close them again, nor did I want to. I want to help every woman feel empowered, supported, knowledgeable, and excited for the birth of their baby.

Davis county doula with newborn baby after cesarean section
My second delivery: c-section due to breech position and fetal distress (Birth Story)

I am a trained, certified, and skilled professional doula in the height of my life’s passion. I am in my element when, after weeks of preparation and education, I see a woman and her partner share a secret, knowing look of shimmering emotion that shows all their hard work paid off, in one of life’s most precious moments. This moment is further enhanced for me when the woman’s partner has been encouraged and taught how to help and has been a key element in the pregnancy and labor process, without which, things may have turned out much differently. I feel very strongly about being an advisor to birthing women so they can have the birth they intend, without unnecessary interventions due to lack of knowledge or support.

Centerville doula doing skin-to-skin with newborn baby after unmedicated VBAC
My third delivery: un-medicated VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) using the Hypnobirthing & Bradley® Methods (Birth Story)

My goal as a doula is simply to improve birth – by helping to reduce physical and emotional trauma, by empowering women through knowledge and practice, and to advocate for safer birth experiences led by a woman’s own body.

I have had all three of my children in the hospital: un-medicated, Cesarean section, and un-medicated VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean). I believe that regardless of circumstance, all births can be beautiful. I also have personal and professional experience with high-risk pregnancy, diabetes during pregnancy, and VBACs. I can skillfully educate on things that others may not have reason to know.

I have experience helping women with un-medicated, breech, twins, VBAC, VBA2C, VBAMC, special scars, medicated, surrogacy, diabetes during pregnancy, and cesarean births.

Your doula, Karina, is a proud member and supporter of International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN), and Improving Birth.

Karina is the Chapter Leader of the Weber/Davis County ICAN Chapter and serves on the board of the Utah Doula Association as President. She has also been nominated 6 times for the Utah Doula Association’s Doula of Distinction Award

Visit our resources page to find your local ICAN meetings.

Our Seamstress

Natalie Rohde

Utah birth doula; Salt Lake, Weber, Davis, and Summit Counties. Expert labor support

I enjoy helping expecting women be comfortable during their positive birth experience by providing women options for their custom birth gowns and birth ball covers. I would be delighted to assist you as you embark on this journey.