Interestingly enough, couples who already have two children of the same sex are around 75% more likely to have the same sex baby again. We had two boys already, so our chances of having a girl were 25%. After two boys, we really wanted to have a girl, especially where this was going to be our last baby.

A good friend of mine, doula Meagan Heaton, wanted to get pregnant with a boy after having two girls. She was using something called “The Shettles Method.” I had heard before of changing the PH of your body by eating certain foods, but I didn’t realize this was The Shettles Method. I figured, why not? Can’t hurt. So I did more research into it. I ordered LH strips to see when I was ovulating, bought the App “Fertility Friend,” and paid super close attention to my cervical mucus. Yum! I found out so much about my body during this time.

Dr. Shettles also discovered that the timing of intercourse might affect sex selection because a woman’s secretions are the most alkaline closer to ovulation and more acidic further away from ovulation, either before or after. He theorized that intercourse at or close to the time of ovulation will usually make a boy baby while, intercourse that occurs two to 3 days before ovulation is more likely to make a girl.

According to Dr. Shettles:

Y or boy sperm:

  • Swim faster and are able to get to the egg more quickly than the X sperm
  • Smaller than X sperm
  • More fragile than the X sperm and die off easier
  • They do not live as long as the female sperm
  • Prefer alkaline environments to acidic

X or female sperm:

  • Slower and less mobile
  • Bigger than Y sperm
  • Longer life span than Y sperm
  • Prefer acidic environments to alkaline

With this information, I used the LH strips, the “Fertility Friend” app, and my cervical mucus (CM) to see when I was ovulating for a couple of months prior to trying to conceive to learn the pattern of my body. During the week of conception, I had my husband get in a really warm tub of water (which he hates, and actually, the pilot light on our water heater went out, so it ended up being ice cold instead).

I had him stand in front of the microwave, wear tight underwear, used shallow intercourse positions, and did not orgasm during intercourse (what’s the point?! 😉). With shallow intercourse positions, the Y sperm is thought to die off during their venture to the egg while the girls live longer and make it. Also, the more often the man ejaculates, the less numbers of Y sperm. When women orgasm it makes them have contractions, which help the Y sperm in their venture to the egg.

I ate foods to help make my body more acidic which involved eating, well really, crap: sugar, processed foods, etc.

We ended up getting pregnant with a . . .
wait for it . . .
you probably read it in the title, but a GIRL!
Utah doula's newborn baby girl
9 lbs 10 oz, 20 inches long.
Photo by: Picture Your Birth Photography

Meagan ended up getting pregnant using the “The Shettles Method” with a . . . BOY! You can read her story here.

My husband is still skeptical, but both Meagan and I believe it worked for us. If nothing else, it made us feel like we had some say in it, even if we didn’t.

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