If the About Us page didn’t cut it for you, here is a list of random facts about me, your Utah doula, Karina Robinson, that aren’t birth related.

Random Fact 1: My favorite animals are cows and dolphins. My grandparents live on a farm and this is where I fell in love with cows. To me, they are almost like big dogs. Dolphins are very intelligent. Did you know that they sleep with half of their brain at a time?!

Fact: Your birth doula loves cows and dressed up as one to celebrate Halloween
My Halloween costume 2016

Random Fact 2: I’m a little obsessed with hippie things, but don’t consider myself a true hippie. Crunchy yes, but not full on hippie. I do shave my legs and armpits 😉

Random Fact 3: I knew how to play the piano, flute, and guitar, but have not played in a long time.

Random Fact 4: I am beyond terrified of spiders. I don’t like any bugs really, but spiders REALLY creep me out.

Random Fact 5: I used to play on a volleyball team.

Random Fact 6: I love and am fascinated with ancient Egypt.

Random Fact 7: I enjoy the little kid rides at Lagoon more than the adult ones.

Random Fact 8: I cannot sleep without a blanket on, even in the heat of summer.

Random Fact 9: I am very clumsy. I once was trying to teach my friend’s puppy to go down the stairs and when I rounded the corner, I fell down the stairs and broke my foot. The puppy was terrified from my screams of pain and didn’t end up following me.

Random Fact 1 : I have completed a 100 mile bike ride. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I was sore for days!

Want to know more about me? Feel free to contact me and we can set up a consultation interview!