“Karina Robinson was absolutely AMAZING during my pregnancy, labor, and delivery.
My husband and I hired her as our doula and took her Bradley Method class. Her class was so fun and informative. We both learned so much which helped us out a lot when I went into labor.
After having been induced with my first daughter several years ago, I decided I really wanted a natural birthing experience. My husband’s first birthing experience with his ex-wife was awful. This especially motivated me to have a better birthing experience. I wanted to show him how amazing birth can be.
Before her class, my husband couldn’t understand why I wanted a natural birth. He thought I was crazy for not wanting an epidural. His mindset was “There is all these medical advancements. Why wouldn’t you want to use them?” His mindset has changed a lot. He has become a lot more open-minded. Her class also helped him to become a great coach. Aside from class, she has always been available to answer questions I had.
Karina was a godsend during my labor and delivery. I wouldn’t have been able to have the natural birthing experience I longed for. While my husband was a great coach, she was what I really needed to help reach the end. She knew exactly what I needed and when I needed it.
I’m beyond grateful for her services. If I ever have another baby, I definitely want her there again!”

Birth doula at McKay Dee Hospital

― Sophie I.