“My husband and I decided to go the Natural birthing way for our 1st born. Especially being T1D, we knew there was lots of risks that could happen. So I asked around about Natural birth classes and Karina Robinson commented on my post and we clicked right away. We started her 12 week Bradley Method class. At first, we were like whoa, 12 weeks, that’s along time but it wouldn’t hurt to get all the information we needed for our baby and myself to prepare. The 3rd class in, we started seeing ourselves become super excited for classes! They were so fun and very beneficial. Not everyone agrees on certain ways or doings, but its good to know the education about certain things or Why’s. Not only was it super beneficial for us and educational, but we got to know our actual doula and other pregnant couples. When we got done with our class, we were sad, because we liked having that time to learn especially the relaxation part! That was MY favorite part and my husband liked it knowing he can comfort me and do something important for me while I have a baby! We seriously learned so so much! We are due in 6 days and our birth plan has completely flipped 180 on us due to situations. We are now having a scheduled c section. Pondering, praying, and getting more education for it, we have decided together it was the right thing to proceed to do. I still am nervous and I was especially nervous to tell our doula, Karina, the change of plans because she has worked so hard with us for our dream birth plan, but she was amazing about it! She gave us so much pros and cons of c section and then once we completely decided on doing it, she’s been super there for my nervousness and my recovery part! I’m starting to feel a little ease about it due to her and my husband. I couldn’t of held it together if it wasn’t for these two! I’m not excited, but i feel better. Karina taught us about c sections in class, but never really focused on it due to my stubbornness of not wanting it, well now that’s where were at and were studying our Bradley booklet on c-sections now. Karina is a GREAT teacher and GREAT coach. The Bradley Method is one awesome class as well. Very helpful and would highly recommend it to other pregnant couples! 🙂 In the end, we are ever more excited to meet our little boy!”

― Miranda H.