I must start by saying, Karina is so much more than a wonderful doula and incredible Bradley Method teacher. She is such an amazing person.

My husband and i decided on a natural birth experience very early in pregnancy. We began taking classes offered at McKay Dee and a Couple of medical facilities around the Wasatch front. We even got a recommendation to a class in Sandy (which is over an hour from home) that we attended. however, by late July and after several weeks of these large group generic classes, my husband and I simply did not feel we were obtaining the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in achieving our goals for a truly natural unmedicated birth. So I began to look for better tools and teachers. I spoke with two different birth centers and put out request for recommendations for Bradley Method or hypno birth teachers. Each response I received had Karina’s name at the top of the list. So we reached out to Karina. From the moment we first spoke going forward i knew she was the perfect solution. My husband and I began Bradley Method classes right away.

Karina’s classes are taught from home, in a private setting with only one or two other couples. Each class was well organized and very professional yet had a personal feel to it. Karina has a great way of delivering all the needed information and teaching new detailed techniques while keeping the class fun and exciting. We looked forward to every Bradley class and when our twelve weeks of training came to a close we were both sad and relieved.We were sad because we wouldn’t get to go spend time with Karina and our class mates each week and keep gaining knowledge and having fun. We were very relieved that we completed our classes and felt confident and determined that we were finally adequately prepared to accomplish our goal.

Karina went above and beyond being a teacher. She always quickly responded to my questions and concerns outside of class no matter what. (I had a lot of questions anxiety fears) She never once said you could probably Google it or find out more on web md. Karina has very extensive knowledge and experience and numerous resources to offer.

Our birth experience put all of our Bradley knowledge and skills to the test with so many twists and turns along our journey. My husband and I made a great team even when our birth didn’t go as planned. There were some serious challenges and tough decisions to make and we could not have made it thru without the great Bradley classes and support from Karina.

Karina will always hold a special place in our hearts and we will be forever grateful that she is a wonderful teacher and doula.

― Ahlisha B.