“Karina Robinson was absolutely AMAZING during my pregnancy, labor, and delivery.
My husband and I hired her as our doula and took her Bradley Method class. Her class was so fun and informative. We both learned so much which helped us out a lot when I went into labor.
After having been induced with my first daughter several years ago, I decided I really wanted a natural birthing experience. My husband’s first birthing experience with his ex-wife was awful. This especially motivated me to have a better birthing experience. I wanted to show him how amazing birth can be.
Before her class, my husband couldn’t understand why I wanted a natural birth. He thought I was crazy for not wanting an epidural. His mindset was “There is all these medical advancements. Why wouldn’t you want to use them?” His mindset has changed a lot. He has become a lot more open-minded. Her class also helped him to become a great coach. Aside from class, she has always been available to answer questions I had.
Karina was a godsend during my labor and delivery. I wouldn’t have been able to have the natural birthing experience I longed for. While my husband was a great coach, she was what I really needed to help reach the end. She knew exactly what I needed and when I needed it.
I’m beyond grateful for her services. If I ever have another baby, I definitely want her there again!”

Birth doula at McKay Dee Hospital

Sophie I.

I must start by saying, Karina is so much more than a wonderful doula and incredible Bradley Method teacher. She is such an amazing person.

My husband and i decided on a natural birth experience very early in pregnancy. We began taking classes offered at McKay Dee and a Couple of medical facilities around the Wasatch front. We even got a recommendation to a class in Sandy (which is over an hour from home) that we attended. however, by late July and after several weeks of these large group generic classes, my husband and I simply did not feel we were obtaining the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in achieving our goals for a truly natural unmedicated birth. So I began to look for better tools and teachers. I spoke with two different birth centers and put out request for recommendations for Bradley Method or hypno birth teachers. Each response I received had Karina’s name at the top of the list. So we reached out to Karina. From the moment we first spoke going forward i knew she was the perfect solution. My husband and I began Bradley Method classes right away.

Karina’s classes are taught from home, in a private setting with only one or two other couples. Each class was well organized and very professional yet had a personal feel to it. Karina has a great way of delivering all the needed information and teaching new detailed techniques while keeping the class fun and exciting. We looked forward to every Bradley class and when our twelve weeks of training came to a close we were both sad and relieved.We were sad because we wouldn’t get to go spend time with Karina and our class mates each week and keep gaining knowledge and having fun. We were very relieved that we completed our classes and felt confident and determined that we were finally adequately prepared to accomplish our goal.

Karina went above and beyond being a teacher. She always quickly responded to my questions and concerns outside of class no matter what. (I had a lot of questions anxiety fears) She never once said you could probably Google it or find out more on web md. Karina has very extensive knowledge and experience and numerous resources to offer.

Our birth experience put all of our Bradley knowledge and skills to the test with so many twists and turns along our journey. My husband and I made a great team even when our birth didn’t go as planned. There were some serious challenges and tough decisions to make and we could not have made it thru without the great Bradley classes and support from Karina.

Karina will always hold a special place in our hearts and we will be forever grateful that she is a wonderful teacher and doula.

Ahlisha B.

“My husband and I decided to go the Natural birthing way for our 1st born. Especially being T1D, we knew there was lots of risks that could happen. So I asked around about Natural birth classes and Karina Robinson commented on my post and we clicked right away. We started her 12 week Bradley Method class. At first, we were like whoa, 12 weeks, that’s along time but it wouldn’t hurt to get all the information we needed for our baby and myself to prepare. The 3rd class in, we started seeing ourselves become super excited for classes! They were so fun and very beneficial. Not everyone agrees on certain ways or doings, but its good to know the education about certain things or Why’s. Not only was it super beneficial for us and educational, but we got to know our actual doula and other pregnant couples. When we got done with our class, we were sad, because we liked having that time to learn especially the relaxation part! That was MY favorite part and my husband liked it knowing he can comfort me and do something important for me while I have a baby! We seriously learned so so much! We are due in 6 days and our birth plan has completely flipped 180 on us due to situations. We are now having a scheduled c section. Pondering, praying, and getting more education for it, we have decided together it was the right thing to proceed to do. I still am nervous and I was especially nervous to tell our doula, Karina, the change of plans because she has worked so hard with us for our dream birth plan, but she was amazing about it! She gave us so much pros and cons of c section and then once we completely decided on doing it, she’s been super there for my nervousness and my recovery part! I’m starting to feel a little ease about it due to her and my husband. I couldn’t of held it together if it wasn’t for these two! I’m not excited, but i feel better. Karina taught us about c sections in class, but never really focused on it due to my stubbornness of not wanting it, well now that’s where were at and were studying our Bradley booklet on c-sections now. Karina is a GREAT teacher and GREAT coach. The Bradley Method is one awesome class as well. Very helpful and would highly recommend it to other pregnant couples! 🙂 In the end, we are ever more excited to meet our little boy!”

Miranda H.

My experience with Karina Robinson was amazing! She was attentive, listened and heard what I wanted. She provided information based on my wants, needs, fears, etc. Anything she felt would be helpful in me getting my desired birth experience. In labor Karina was there for me 100%, she tracked our progress and made notes throughout the entire process of how things were going. She stayed by my side the entire time and tried counter pressure and different things to help me cope with the pain, she spent about 10 hours doing counter pressure on my hips because it was the most effective in helping me cope. I couldn’t believe she just kept going! Prior to labor and since delivery Karina has kept in constant contact with me to make sure me & baby are doing well and don’t need anything. I know that if we did need something she would be right there for us! I would recommend Karina to anyone looking for a Doula.

Tera W.

I had the pleasure of having Karina at my wife’s most recent birth. I thought I had everything done and accounted for. My wife and I took the Bradley Method and planned for an unmedicated, natural birth, with me acting as the ‘husband coach’ for our first labor. As prepared as we were, Karina’s help was invaluable. Her knowledge of positions and various supplements to speed labor along far surpassed my own and she helped turn an otherwise grueling sixteen hours into an overall pleasant experience. I’m so glad that we interviewed so many doulas and arrived at the decision to go with Karina. I would hire her again in a heartbeat and recommend her to anyone who is looking.

Jensen H.

Karina was so sweet and worked just as hard as I did. When my birth plan had to change she made sure a lot of my wishes were still respected. This was my first and when I have more I would be more than happy to have her again.

Lyndsay C.

Hiring Karina as my doula was the best decision I could of made for myself, my baby, and my partner. I was in labor for 28 hours and she was my angel all the way through. She is amazing at counter pressure and helping you communicate with the medical staff! She made me feel like super woman all the way through. I ended up having to have a c section and she stayed with me until she could help my baby and I with our first latch. She wrote a beautiful birth story for my little girl that I will cherish forever! I would recommend her to anyone! Thank you again Karina for all your support and knowledge!

Talisha S.

I had the honor to work with Karina for a birth. She was absolutely AMAZING and offered a lot of help. She is very educated and has a lot of strength for moms who are in need of a lot of counter pressure. You can truly see she has a deep passion for this line of work. I hope to work with her again one day. Thanks Karina your amazing!

Meagan H.

I have been really impressed with the knowledge Karina has about being a doula. She has told me things that I have never even heard of before. She is very passionate and excited about being a doula. She has a calming personality, and is very easy to talk to. She leans toward the quiet side, but will go to any length to represent and assist her clients. I would recommend her to anyone.


Karina has been an incredible resource. I haven’t even had my baby yet and already she has proven herself invaluable. This is my third baby but first time having a Doula, I wish someone had told me about this two babies ago. Karina has been a wealth of information and has been able to answer all my questions concerning breast-feeding, birth planning, relaxation techniques, and labor. If ever I have asked her a question she didn’t immediately know the answer to she has always been sure to proactively find out the answer and get back to me ASAP. Her availability is beyond reproach and not only does she give me the confidence I need to feel like I can go natural, she also makes me feel comfortable in her presence.

Hope S.