We keep this version of the Diabetes and Pregnancy for Doulas Manual up-to-date. If you would like a physical copy, please email us and we will send one to you for $30.00 + S&H.

This manual does not cover everything we talk about in the class. To receive your certification, you must take the class.

This manual includes information about:

  • What makes a client with diabetes different?
  • Distinguishing between the different types of diabetes
    • Type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes
  • Diagnostic methods and thresholds for Gestational Diabetes
  • Comparative Benefits and Harms of Varying Diagnostic Thresholds
  • Treatments for each type of diabetes
  • PCOS and Diabetes
  • Preparing to conceive – What clients need to know
  • Essential diabetes statistics & facts
  • Complications and how to avoid them
  • Options during pregnancy and labor with diabetes
  • Red flags for providers and birthplaces
  • Safely avoiding cesareans
  • Cesareans with diabetes
  • Postpartum – what to expect and how to help